With one hundred percent commitment and curiosity about the future Christer inspires to new and unique opportunities.

New possibilities with eMindSet

I collaborate with eMindSet


When I left IBM in 2010 and started Creman Innovation I learned a lot about social media and marketing. I have traveled to the United States three times and been coached by Kim Garst and her team during four months.

Boom Social USA

Boom Social, Kim Garst, USA

A mission was project manager for “Hallstaviksnätverket” where I ran a creative project to encourage residents to take initiative and use social media.


ESBRI open innovation – theory and practice Read more (only in Swedish)

Livtema is an organisation working for creating a better society through running lectures, contact personnel, quitting crime and support. I am a steering board member.


1:st of January 2015, I started working with Veronica Rebora, Argentina at her company eMindSet who specialise in language development, communication skills and cognitive neuroscience. My role is social media manager, and we help each other in the areas we need to develop. I help her with social media, writing articles and studies and she helps me with English, and supervise me in my work with the inmates and unemployed.


In May 2015 I started to work as a Supervisor at The Swedish Prison and Probation Service and job coach at Lernia. I have experience of coaching and lecturing young people, immigrants, the unemployed and diagnosed with Neuropsychiatric Disorders. But of course also other groups and have many years of experience in various industries.