Relationsmarknadsföring i sociala medier

Hur skapar du affärsrelationer i sociala medier? Att utmana sig själv och vara passionerat intresserad av kommunikation med människor är en de viktigaste framgångsfaktorerna för att lyckas med sin närvaro i sociala medier. Jag provar vad som ger resultat i sociala medier. Det har gett mig både en kunskap om hur man gör men även…Read more Relationsmarknadsföring i sociala medier

Wishing you a Profitable and Creative Happy New 2013

We will make 2013 a fantastic profitable and creative year! My goal for 2012 was to increase my social network by being more creative. it has succeeded beyond expectations. I thanked all of my fabulous clients and partners a Merry Christmas in the last post, so now I focus on what we will achieve together…Read more Wishing you a Profitable and Creative Happy New 2013

Happy New Social media year 2012!

Thank You 2011 was an amazing year! Hallstaviksnätverket and Roslagens Savings Bank who invested in creativity and social media based on my idea to use Open Innovation. International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), Ashfaq Ishaq who invited me to run a creative activity on the World Children's Festival in Washington DC. Special thanks to our host families,…Read more Happy New Social media year 2012!

Creative Collaboration and Contribution

I have recently joined a social media Facebook group created by Kim Garst which is absolutely amazing. All members are so helpful and encourage each other in an outstanding way. The atmosphere and attitude among the members reminds me about givers gain as BNI (Business Network International) and service above self as Rotary. I know…Read more Creative Collaboration and Contribution

Are social values and social media related?

Social values are seldom discussed in social media but I think it's one of the most important questions to ask for being successful. There is an awakening ongoing but I think we can achieve much more if we focus on our thoughts and feelings related to social values. This is personal and it can take…Read more Are social values and social media related?