Why are you denying the truth about 911?

A conflicting world view!

I am wondering why it is so easy to follow the mainstream media lies and hard to believe the truth even if there are evidence. This is a collection of some 911 videos that I think both explain the why and might bring new light about our cognitive dissonance.

The first video contains some psychological explanations about our cognition ability and what is happening when we are getting confused, feeling vulnerable and lose security. The psychologists are talking about it at the end, starting approx. at 46:00.


“Architects and Engineers On 9/11”. This video is focusing on the buildings and how they could fall free. Controlled demolition is the conclusion which is the truth from a scientific perspective.

A lot of the evidences were removed to hinder an investigation about controlled demolition. The free fall of the tower 7 is a very strong evidence since it was not hit by any of the planes and showed on TV it was still standing while the reporter talked about the tower had fallen. The temperature when steel is melting is far above the temperature when air fuel is burning.


“Pilots for 911 Truth: Mitoa Edjang” The pilots say it is impossibile to fly a plan in a circle and crash it on the exact spot at the speed of “560 mp/h”. This is a presentation by one of the pilots but there are many others saying the same. The hi jackers could not fly big planes and had no training for doing it. A question still remains – How could the planes hit the targets and I think that is answered by one of the whistleblowers, Susan Lindauer which you can se in the video after the pilots.


CIA 9-11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer Interview was working for CIA during 1995-2003 with Libya and Iraq. She was one of them who warned about the attack before it happened but they didn’t care about her warnings. It is also obvious that the collaboration with Iraq and Saddam Hussein had changed, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield wanted war not peace!


“Former CIA Asset Exposes 911 Cover Up” (Long version) but well worth watching. Some interesting thoughts about a collaboration between several people using both remote control and real people which will make sure the planes can crash on the targets.

9/11: Follow the Money find the criminals This use to be the best way for finding those who are behind since money brings out the worst in people. Some of the names, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and Silverstein are some of them. But there are many others involved! Rep. Cynthia McKinney is doing an excellent job in the congress when asking about the money and who got the contracts!


MUST WATCH!! BEST UNDER 5 MINUTE 911 VIDEO EVER This is for you who think it was too long videos and want it in one single video and max 5 minutes!

Christer Edman



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