How conscious are we in our choices and leadership?


Many people are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives and want to contribute to others in one or another way. But we are seldom aware when people are using us by seducing with everything from money to love and peace while they get the money, free marketing or other hidden purposes.

There is an old saying “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I used to disagree when I was younger. It took me some time and dissapointments to understand its meaning.

I have been interested in helping others and wanted to share my knowledge in using social media for doing good since the 90’s. Now I am very skeptical after what I have gone through especially the last year. It has been a very interesting journey and I learned a lot but a BIG Warning, never play with hidden powers and people who are using others by manipulating and seducing people.

The last year has been very turbulent and many say I have changed and I can really agree. Shamanism, consciousness, humanity, peace, love, evolution and pseudoscience have been an essential deceitful part. I have been homeless also during several months. Several people have greeted me as a soul brother and I wondered is this real, how can I be so special and why is this happening? It was flattering and I had also a professional photo which attracted many women who liked my surface and almost all of my postings were about conscious relationships, love, peace and self leadership.

My psychopatology teacher used to say “If you want to find real psycho/sociopaths, don’t look at the last pages of the newspapers: the real ones are on the main pages and the headlines”. There is something creepy, I understood, with those people that adore you, to those who are adored by the system. The charismatic, the “naturals” for leadership and understanding. No real feeling, no soul, only magistrally combined words and never an imperfection. Human miseries don’t apply for these species. Nor the flaws that make us unique masterpieces in the hands of the Creator.

Even though I was warned by an experienced principal, I neglected and said neither she nor the teachers she had asked for advice understood this new science and I said all was scientific. I truly believed spirituality and science is emerging and was flattered over being engaged in this new unique movement and there were so many people saying the same. My friendlist and followers had increased before and my social media presence and influence scored higher and higher.

The way I was introduced into the world of psychopatic behavior was amazing. From the point of view of a very shy girl, that way of being in the planet sounded strange and my question was “Why do people follow them?” The answers were irrefutable: We can’t help it. The way they seem to know you, the knowledge they have on your weaknesses, the identification with all the needing parts of an average human being, makes them irresistible…The seduction game is on, and they master all the tricks. Psychopaths say what you want to hear, look great, seem to be interested on you and pose as if you are necessary for their lives. Women psychopaths will play victim roles and the old “lady in trouble” trick. Some will pass as hypersensitive, others will disguise as distressed or depressed. All of them will be sweet and empathetic to the point of ridicoulousness. So bad we only see the game when we are loosing. 

Why did all this happen to me, is one of the questions I have asked myself afterwards when I see the pattern. For the first I wanted to help others and I was flattered by women who showed so much interest in me. It stimulated my self confidence, curiosity and creativity. My postings did also attract people from the places with seekers and believers in “New Age” where some are seeking after unconscious people to seduce and recruit for their ego-inflating purposes.

I didn’t behave as a “normal” man during this period, interacting and coaching women. When I attended a tantra workshop all felt wrong and the teacher seemed as he was very lonely even if he travelled and had tantra sessions with many women. It was then I realized how sad it is for a man to not have a woman and I wondered if people really need to learn how to enjoy sex and why so many are single? Seems as a gap somewhere since married women searched for attention and care they never got at home. I encouraged the women to talk openly with their men and also wanted them to tell their men that I coached them!

A man, a woman, natural design. Fidelity, belonging, deep attachment. All that brought life to this world. All we need and want deep inside. All that, is what the system cannot stand.

I was also warned by experienced and loving teachers. The most powerful of relationships are between a man and a woman. The explosion of life is always there, no matter how many decades after the birth control pills. A man and a woman. Sacred relationship. That is the main target for the system agents.

If you need to control people, go to the root. Go for man+woman relationships. Redefine them. Invent something new. Don’t let life flow. Spread the message of unattachment. The dissapointed and weak will yield and follow. Because, in the end, this is a game of relationships, and the Creator has to know we humans know how to do it better without that retrograde design. 

Worst is that I truly believed I was conscious by talking about soul media with deeper sharing of thoughts and feelings. Spiritual consciousness, oneness with all and don’t feel attached to anybody got me to doubt since I cannot believe in it and felt more and more empty inside. All signals where as my intuion and reality really worked for getting me out.

“Sometimes, evil does not translate into violence or murder. Sometimes, evil can be difficult to detect. It can be masked by charm and flattery, and it is often perpetuated by pathological lying, projection, and various other mind games.” (

poor me routine

Pseudovetenskap, New Age, Freds- och Kärleksrörelser två röster emot vampire


I have a deep belief in God and JesusChrist since my childhood which got me to pray for getting rid of the dark forces that i felt were after my soul. It gave me strength to leave all of those deceitful humans who were after my God-given energy and I did even a posting, “I am a free soul“. It is a process of deprogramming since our brains and mind are so used to be nurtured and “what we have plant we will reap” is very accurate.

Galatians 6:7-9 International Standard Version (ISV)

7 Stop being deceived; God is not to be ridiculed. A person harvests whatever he plants: 8The person who sows through human means will harvest decay from human means, but the person who sows in the Spirit will harvest eternal life from the Spirit. 9 Let’s not get tired of doing what is good, for at the right time we will reap a harvest—if we do not give up.

Above all else

“A long tradition in social science explains recruitment to religious cults and sects (they do not need to be “traditional” religions) on the basis of  congruence between the ideology of a group and the deprivations of those who join. A more recent approach to recruitment argues that interpersonal bonds between members and potential recruits are the essential element” (Rodney Stark and William Sims Bainbridge, “Networks of Faith: Interpersonal Bonds and Recruitment to Cults and Sects” – American Journal of Sociology, Vol.85, N°6)


My advice based on experiences is to be very careful and skeptic to all who are talking about new paradigm, globalism, humanity, oneness, peace, love, angels, channeling etc and attracting you whatever you are interested in.

Most of them are only there for sharing but if you are personally contacted and feel choosen by any kind of manipulation leave asap.

Use your intuition knowledge and conscious decision making which we have covered in two earlier articles.

Once again, ask yourself: What (or who) rules me?

(Christer’s “voice” in regular typography :: Veronica’s “voice” in italics)

Looking forward to hear from you,

Christer Edman & Veronica Rebora


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