The big dilemma: To try to impress, or to be honest in communication.

We are all affected by social media in one or another way, and it is time that we become more conscious about what impact it has. Most companies and organizations do anything they can to get more customers and members, and are driven by money and control by quantity, not values and vision. This is why we see emotional words, pictures, and videos; giving an impression of caring while the products and services might do the opposite.

Only 42% of employees know their organization’s vision, mission, and values. That’s an alarmingly low number. Too many executives are not communicating and reinforcing their company’s guiding principles and mission. TinyPulse Employee Engagement Survey 2013

In some way, every social observer is an intuitive psychologist who is forced by everyday experience to judge the causes and implications of behavior.

Critical thinking is needed to be learnt as early as possible

We are used to learn that the ability to analyse and apply critical thinking is for higher education. This is not good since most of the higher education and research are limited to a commercial interest, not for humanity and/or a sustainable development.

If people had scientific-type knowledge and awareness it would not be so easy to manipulate by spreading propaganda and desinformation. Our ability to develop critical thinking is mainly developed between the age of 5-12 years. Psychologist Dr. Craig Childress explains how important it is to also get the basic human needs as feeling secure and being loved.

On the 16:th of August there was 62 countries involved in wars and 556 Militias-guerrillas and separatist groups involved, wars in the world Civilian fatalities in wartime have climbed from 5 per cent at the turn of the century … to more than 90 per cent in the wars of the 1990s. UNICEF

Who is behind and supporting the different countries and Militias-guerillas…and who are suffering?

Ask who are gaining from it and you will know! Many people are working in a ratrace without any possibility to use their creativity for doing good things only supporting a system waiting for someone else to changing it.

“Work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfillment for nearly 90% of the world’s workers.” According to a survey presented by Forbes,

  • The global case-load of refugees and displaced persons is growing at alarming speed. The number of refugees from armed conflicts worldwide increased from 2.4 million in 1974 to more than 27.4 million today, the report notes, with another 30 million people displaced within their own countries. Children and women make up an estimated 80 per cent of displaced populations. UNICEF

A major question is: Why some people want wars and conflicts, except for the obvious business reasons as selling weapons, drugs and manipulated food?

Christer has been interested in what is behind the scenes at least since 1977 when he got a book from his grandmother called, “Money Master of the World” by Willard Cantelon where he wrote that many influential people are working for a One World Government. We are all affected by the people who is working for creating a One World Government. Bill Still is one of few journalists who is reporting by using the real sources behind not the fake conspirational theories.

We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest. James Warburg, February 17, 1950, appearance before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, patron of the World Wildlife Fund, Reported by Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA), August, 1988

A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal. Ted Turner, founder of CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, Kappa Sigma alumnus and donor of $1-billion to the United Nations Power & Money, by Don McAlvany, Fall 1997, page 6. Also: Environmental Overkill, by Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo, 1993, page 80

Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. David Rockefeller In his autobiography Memoirs, page 405 [copyright 2002, at Amazon – ed.]

Richard Cage about 9/11 and the explosions which brought the buildings down. Building 7 was not even hit but felt down in the same way.

We have more wars and conflicts than ever before, with more civilians killed and hurted. We are paying more for wars and weapons than any other generation, and our fear for getting involved increases for every day.

The world seems to have gone crazy but ask who are the leaders behind and causing it; as we need also to ask ourselves on what are we working for and spend our money on… not just blaming others.

There is a “dark side of leadership” we seldom talk about, until something happens and media points out a person and all reporting the same.

Minda Zetlin is a business technology writer and speaker, co-author of The Geek Gap, and president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She has written a thought provokative article What Leaders Can Learn from Narcissists, Manipulators and Psychopaths. This was written as if it was something to copy for other leaders which says a lot about the ideals in our society and especially about the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

Now are they reporting about the beheading of the journalists James Wright Foley and a treat against Steven Sotloff. What is remarkable is that Steven Sotloff was in Benghazi, Libya, in November 2012, and reported about the attack and questioned it for being a collaboration between U.S. and the leaders in Libya. “We can’t move against Khattallah and his gangs,” says a senior militia leader. “They control the street. Khattallah was involved in the attack. We know this.” The militia leader, however, refused to have his name made public because he was fearful of being targeted by radical Islamists for cooperating with the U.S. (The Benghazi Attack’s Person of Continuing Interest, by Steven Sotloff)

Before Steven Sotloff disappeared on the 4:th of August 2013 he wrote an article about what is going on in Syria and gave some thoughts for a solution instead of continuing the war. He seems to be a serious journalist working independently for reporting what is actually going on instead of repeating and being  a propaganda journalist. Read Syrias Metastating Conflicts He was also critical to the mainstream media which is shown on this two tweets.

steven sotloff msm critics

steven sotloff stop tiptoeing

It seems as Steven has decided to stop tiptoeing in Syria and who knows the reason why he got kidnapped, it seems as he is one of the few journalists who are investigating and trying to get out with facts behind the scenes.

The reason why he is used now in a video together with James Foley seems to be some kind of propaganda, since all are reporting the same and none of the mainstream media we have checked are doing any deeper analyse or at least report some basic facts about the journalists.

This blog article is not for coming with some kind of “this-is-the-only-truth” at all, but we want at least to inspire to think before sharing and judging people for being conspirational theorists.

Do your own analyse and research, please, before you decide or not to label us as conspirational theorists.

We only want to know the truth behind, and Christer has also personal experience from being involved in mainstream media since he was 17 years old.

Our values and visions are related to what we have brought up in this article. If our children are afraid of what is going on in the world without getting the facts from honest people who are doing their best to tellling the truth they will continue to support the old paradigm without knowing. This is the reason why we need to change the educational system to teach why and how to analyse and do our own research and nurture creativity instead of killing it.

“Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.” – Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

Five monkeys – how to create a mentality of 85% of the people that we call MASS ? This video shows how we are adopting without caring about if it is true or not.

(Concepts related to “False Consensus Effect”: An Egocentric Bias in Social Perception and Attribution Processes, LEE Ross, DAVID GREENE, AND PAMELA HOUSE, Stanford University, Received April 21, 1976)

Agriculture has been a common term for long time but it has been more or less replaced with Agribusiness. Argentine economist Manuel Alvarado Ledesma (CEMA University) explains the implications of institutions on agribusiness.

He emphasizes that weak institutional environment allows for capricious tax, trade, pricing and investment policies by all governments to the point of creating business uncertainty.

He also provides a thorough review of the empirical literature on contract farming, paying attention to broad implications for economic development. Alvarado Ledesma states that the discipline of agribusiness should contribute to the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity.”

Why are we buying food and drugs that is interfering with our DNA and health?

“One of the biggest assurances that pro-GMO manufacturers and scientists continue to make is how “safe” genetically engineered crops are. One of their primary arguments behind this assurance is that “new genes introduced in GM food are harmless, since all genes are broken up and rendered inert during digestion.” GMO Awareness

Another interesting article Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision

“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic

Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants may know something we don’t…

We believe they know and the text is from an article by F. William Engdahl at Global Research, Centre for Research on Globalization. Why for example Bill Gates can fund vaccine and seed programs with a DNA manipulating company but not help the people with clean water, sanity and micro loans to become independent entrepreneurs if the real purpose is to help? We cannot either see any kind of natural and sustainable help programs built on the peoples own initiatives which is always the best way to help people if you really care.

It might seem strange to bring up so called “conspirational” theories, quotations and links to people who are talking about New World Order and other things that elicite at least uncomfortableness. But even tough it can sound exagerate, our intention is working for freedom, our children’s future, and a sustainable environment. It is also about being conscious, and we cannot pretend as we don’t see what is going on, or avoid questioning it when people are killed and the earth is destroyed.

We are doing researches for understanding the world we are a part of.

We end with a video for showing the educational system which has been based on the old paradigm built on the need for competitive industrial workers and not collaborative creative individual entrepreneurs.

School as we know it, is a part of, and serves a certain way of social setting. It is impossible to think about it without a wider approach.

Let’s watch together:

Christer Edman & Veronica Rebora

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