Ethical Business and Communication Related to Social Media

Think before you use and do ethical business in social media

Do you think about the impact your purchasings have and what values and visions are behind the products and services you buy or sell? This is the most important knowledge and I am not only talking about buying with money, more important is what you spend your time on and talk with others about and share.

Anonymous Microchip Implamant

Social media and filtering

Eli Pariser is talking about the filtering and individualised search results and news feed on Google and Facebook. We need to be much more critical to what we see and hear on the Internet due to the algorithms that are limiting the search results. There are so many different interests and weird agendas with people who can pay for all kind of propaganda, infiltration and cover ups in social media. The only way to learn and become conscious is to search deeper and trace the sources for everything you see.

“A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.” Mark Zuckerberg

Why is ethical business important in social media?

You are reading this blog article which reach out to many people with some information that is provocative for some people. This is how marketing and communication works and nobody can deny the impact social media have in todays society independent of what we believe in what we read. Values and visions are working as guidelines telling the purpose with our presence. It is quite easy to see if a company and organisation is serious with their presence, then they have at least an about page with their values, vision and mission so you can compare it with their content. The about page shall also contain the founders and people as the funders, investors and developers. If not mentioned you can be sure about it is something behind they want to hide.

We are now coming into the intellectual capital and collective intelligence field where Science Dictatorships can occure if we are not conscious about the forces behind. There are many signs on that in our society and it is noticed on all the contradictionary messages in the mainstream media. It was not many years ago people who talked about New World Order and One World Government were called conspirational theorists. There can also be gate keepers and organisations between the founders which is also important to be aware of. It is not always as good as it looks and so called help organisations and non profit have been used for everything from pedophile rings as the catholic church used and systemised trafficking to creation of the OWG (One World Government).

Good example of leadership

The world need more independent leaders who cares for others instead than themselves. Uruguays President José “Pepe” Mujica is not greedy and share his salary with the poor. He is also showing what collaboration is about and if we had more leaders and politicians who cared about sharing then we would have a much better world.


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