I am a free soul

I walk my own way as a free soul. I have travelled for learning and sharing insights. I have slept at many different places the last year like in this cellar so I really know how it is to be poor and homeless.

Cellar in Stockholm

It is a big transformation process to follow my life purpose and I have made some decisions that few dare to do and many might say are crazy. But I am here for inspiring and encouraging others to change and appreciate life so I have to go first. We are complaining too much and do to little for others.

To know how it feels to be outside of the society we have to walk in those peoples shoes for a while. It might look as I have lived poorly and I have from a materialisic perspective but the insights I have got from living a life like this have opened my mind, heart and life to a world beyond what we normally see and care about.

I feel and see the people who are sitting and begging on the streets. I see and feel the teenagers and children in the suburbs as in Tensta who are never getting any chances to come into the society. I have felt and seen all of the pain the children and teenagers have who are abused and trapped into trafficking and criminality.

We are really living in an illusion and it is not ok with the GMO and all of the other crap which is going on all over the world today. I have got friends from so many countries thanks to social media and I can really see how we can make a difference together for all of those who are suffering and the next generations.

I wouldn’t be here if it was not for Veronica Rebora who saved my life on the 14:th of  November when she prayed for me and brought God into my life again. 

Thanks to my daughters who are still there, my family and all of my friends you have all helped me to see clearly and remove my illusions of life.


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