Sales pitch vs building trustful relationships with authenticity

Can a sales pitch be negative for building a trustful relationship?

I have met a lot of people who believes a sales pitch is always a door opener but it usually says more about their ability as actors and if not coming from our heart with passion it feels as something is missing. There are many great people who don’t buy the sales talk and a lot of great people with ideas who need to be listened to.

Most investors and C-level people are getting a huge amount of requests for collaboration and they have to prioritize their contacts to be efficient. This is why it’s so difficult to reach them and many of them hesitate to use social media since they are not aware of how it can help them to be more efficient. It’s therefore the sales pitch have to be replaced with building trustful relationships based on authenticity. Keep in mind that success is a team sport and you have to be grateful and repaying by at least saying Thank You as Simon Sinek says.

What has happened the last couple of years is that people are getting better on social networking and deliver sales pitches. For building relationships you have to spend time and learn how to do it the right way. First of all you have to be genuine and show a real interest in the person and company you want to approach.

I am really curious about you who read this and how I can help you to grow your business and knowledge about social media. Do you have the customers you want and everything in place or do you want to get some inspiration, being coached in using social media, improve your social media presence with an integrated website?




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