Wishing you a Profitable and Creative Happy New 2013

We will make 2013 a fantastic profitable and creative year!

My goal for 2012 was to increase my social network by being more creative. it has succeeded beyond expectations. I thanked all of my fabulous clients and partners a Merry Christmas in the last post, so now I focus on what we will achieve together in 2013!

Boosta Digitalt

In 2013, Patricia Mellin and I will share our knowledge of social media. We managed to reach 76 on Klout and have 152 together which is unique. Social media is here to stay and development is going on all the time but we believe that integration is needed between the traditional and digital media. We boosts your digital presence, your company/organization visibility to get results.

Dream Team One – A thought, a purpose, a vision!

This is a fantastic team of people working to change the world for the better. A short video with some of us attending. We are working on 2013 and you will see a lot more of us going forward. Visit the Dream Team One’s Facebook group

Rotary District 2350

“Rotary is a worldwide organization with 1.2 million members who are leaders in business, professional, and community. Rotary club members, Rotarians, provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and promotes goodwill and peace in the world.” Visit our Facebook page. I put up the page and work to spread so more people will get information about the amazing network that Rotary is.

Hallstavik network

This is the first network I got to collaborate with as a self-employeed in 2010, and my heart beats extra for. It includes, among others Roslagens Savings Bank and we are continuing to work together. Hallstavik network’s mission is to stimulate the development of Hallstavik district, ie Hallstavik and its vicinity from Herräng to Skebobruk. We continues in 2013 to create the future and jobs. Hallstavik Network… Artist Minnah Karlsson & Joakim Langer

What are your dreams and what do you need help with?

Since I work as a creative entrepreneur and constantly looking for synergies I see new opportunities all the time. To connect children with art and innovation I see, for example, as an important part in the future. In my role as Sweden’s Representative for International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) there are huge opportunities and I am looking for one or more who want to join as partners.

Contact me for a collaboration no matter what your needs are, I can do it myself or transfer the contact to someone in my team, let’s make 2013 to be a profitable and creative year!



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