Thanks to all networkers and a Merry Christmas now with 76 on Klout!

Thank you and a Merry Christmas, I wish all the great net workers!

The year was absolutely fantastic, thanks to all the amazing people I have had the opportunity to network with during the year as well! Last year was my Klout score only 46 and this year 76!

IBM for the trust business partner with my company, Creman Innovation. Participated on the IBM Smarter Business Day and has contact with several former colleagues.

Kim Garst for your support resulted in that I traveled to the U.S. twice and met including Gary Vaynerchuk. To be coached by you and Terry and the best team in the world with the resources as Rod, Jennifer, Dawn, Tara and Christine.

Mind Master Coach Susan Preston and Larisa Dickson who runs Blog Talk Radio Show and I was invited to talk to listeners from all over the world. An amazing experience that I received thanks to Kim Garst’s group.

Bobby Forshell at ValuesOnline Leadership Centre certified me as a facilitator to develop selfleadership and provide a deeper development of clients, employees or organizations.

Patricia Mellin for our cooperation and the launch of Boost Digital which means we will be able to help many businesses and organizations with their digital communication!

Roslagens Sparbank: Sten Törnsten, Aleksander Srndovic, Mats Eriksson, Jonny Tverin and Anne Stenström to act as project manager for Hallstavik network and to lift an industrial town into a modern society.

Bert-Ola Bergstrand at Social Capital och Living Bridges As with deep knowledge shows how social networking works glocally with everything from Livestream meetings to physical.

Irene Kimmel på Digital Sunrise who invited me to the Swedish team after I participated in a few webinar broadcast live and on twitter chat. Mette Rehnström for taking care of the Swedish team and lead us forward in the years ahead.

Monia Sturén District Governor for Rotary Distrikt 2350 and last years Suzanne Brenning. Richard von Essen from PR Committee and Christina Bredin Rotary Public Relations Image Coordinator for the honor to be a part of the team to inform about what Rotary is doing for people in the world.

Stefan Molander at Referensakademin as a trained and certified me as a networker. Also helped me with several references and shows what he teaches works in real life!

Ove Bristrand, BNI Royal Haga for inviting me to Cloud Sweden and that I participate in the important work around cloud services and knowledge of safety issues.

Your Professional Reputation Per Frykman and Karin Sandin, who confirmed that I was an inspirational and creative person, according to my clients and partners. Not just something that I hoped for and wanted! Läs här

Here are some companies and organizations that I help some of which are in the beginning and does not even have a website, while others got a little longer.



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