It’s an Art to Collaborate and Communicate in social media

Do you know it’s an Art to Collaborate and Communicate in social media?

I have worked with different people and teams in projects since the 80’s and there is not anything new today. The only difference is that we have improved technology and speed for transfer of digital data.

What has Art to do with social media? Some people think I am only playing or not serious when bringing in Art and Children into business. The reason I am doing this is that you have to find what attracts people on an emotional level and for me it is also about creating a sustainable society based on values and vision.

Why is it still so difficult to collaborate and communicate? It’s because of we are humans and most of us feel insecure to speak with new people and use technology unknown for them to use.

As an Early Adopter I can never hesitate when I am feeling uncertain how to do and be afraid. It’s only to step into it and test. I have therefore explored virtual worlds as Second Life and many other tools for collaboration long before they are launched and known for most people.

You have to be like a kamikaze pilot with a childish approach to learn something new and Love to challenge your knowledge and belief systems. I use to say that every time I feel a little bit uncertain then I have a chance to learn something new.

If you want to be inspired and really go beyond your comfort zone and be you can hire me as a coach or book a lecture/workshop. I also educate in how to use social media and take care of both your branding and daily presence.

I am collaborating with Patricia Mellin and the Dream Team One which is  the most creative team in Sweden.


One thought on “It’s an Art to Collaborate and Communicate in social media

  1. Thank you Christer Edman for this article. Yes indeed, to cooperate and communicate in social media is an art but it is also a culture. In every network, every organization, every business, every community there are people who collaborate with each other and often they continue to work with the same people. They do not go beyond the limits that social media offers. Fear, prejudice, comfort… the reasons are many. Working with social media in the right way is a long process but once you succeed, it is a huge victory.


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