USA and EU in Social Media Seminars/Lectures

USA and EU in Social Media

It is incredibly exciting to follow the development in social media both in the U.S. and the EU. The trend in social media is fast and we have to be open to the ongoing worldwide around the clock.

I have had the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s leading groups in social media run by Kim Garst since one year back. Just over a month ago I attended a conference, “Social Boom” where Gary Vaynerchuk was the keynote speaker.

To participate in such a conference in place in the U.S. with 150 people who have the passion and motivation to Do Social Media and build relationships in a professional manner is something truly amazing and must be seen in place to understand the nature of. Going next week to Orlando and meet with Kim Garst again!

For 3 weeks now I am participating in an EU project which is the extension of the Digital Agenda and called Digital Sunrise Europe (DSEU). I am part of the Strategy Team for Sweden with five which include my partner Patricia Mellin from Gothenburg. We have done a market study and an interesting material related to the knowledge of social media. All small and medium enterprises should increase in order to create new jobs.

Participation Diversity and Entrepreneurship

On 22/10, I participated with our newly formed Creative Dream Team One at a conference in Sollentuna, which aims to get people with disabilities into the workplace and change the perception of entrepreneurs. Because I see those feature talented and not as an obstacle, I think of their abilities in a completely different way. Many of the world’s top such as the world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking and the joyful and inspiring surprise Sosso Milegrim that I got to see and hear at the conference shows that nothing is impossible.

Hallstavik is a city in crisis with huge potential!

As project manager for Hallstavik network, I have benefited from the new layoffs affecting 230 people and another hit this small industrial town very hard. The people there are suffering and they feel great hopelessness and needed something new. A society that has a paper that goes from the birth of a society in which all communication is on paper to being digital is a huge transformation. But in the middle of this crisis are also huge opportunities for development, access to labor who remain and not change jobs as other changes his shirt and career. Everyone who lives there has the time to stop and talk to each other. Stunning scenery and access to the sea, fishing and bird life with sea eagles. Cheap housing and plots close to Stockholm, Uppsala and Norrtälje and a dance camp in Herräng happens every year and brings together thousands of participants from around the world, the world champion in speedway mm.

What opportunities are there?

When you look at it from the outside and with a holistic perspective, there are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. To invest in this industrial community may be the best investment you made. I bought a vacation home with year-round standard Skebobruk and has been featured in Hallstavik network in over 2 years and have seen that there is a collective will of all politicians, businesses, organizations and people to help lift the whole resort and especially now.

Warm welcome

Christer Edman


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