Social media has no limits except your imagination

Social media has no limits except your imagination!

I started up a new team recently called Dream Team One and we attended a conference called Diversity and Entrepreneurship last week. The team consists of 11 people and is a part of my mission to collaborate with creative people.

A thought, a purpose, a vision!

Dream Team One inspires creative collaborations with companies and organizations to create jobs and an improved quality of life.

The purpose is to develop profitable businesses and organizations that we operate within. By spending our own time and expertise as we market our customers and ourselves.

This allows us to develop team, group, individual and contribute to a sustainable development of the society.

Steering group – The Eleven

Balders Hus – Gunilla Lund & Marianne Mellberg

Cobi Coaching – Cobi Wennergren

Creman Innovation – Christer Edman

Cominvision – Linn Bekkevik

Creative Consulting – Monica Engström

Your Professional Reputation – Karin Sandin

Photographer and Makeup Artist – Jini Sofia Lee

MC bolaget – Tomas Scholz

Sociala medier – Patricia Mellin

Svenska Kyrkan Häverö – Edebo – Singö – Ulf Engström

Working Groups

Quality Control – Naima



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