Creative Social media people use Twitter hashtag #inspirationalists

Creative Social media people use the Twitter hashtag #inspirationalists

Inspiration comes from many different sources but the main source is your inner creator which is always present. You can do anything you want if you are listening carefully and dare to go beyond your comfort zone.

I Love Twitter and see there are so many creative ways to reach out to people and make new friends. But it has to be done from a source of ourselves and not only repeating what others have already said.

My latest idea is to use a #hashtag for all content you create on your own and not quote someone else. For me is presence everything and pure energy to 100%. It might be that we unconsciously quote or use a part of a quote but the most important when using the hashtag #inspirationalists on your tweet is that it has to come from YOU!

Please join me and start using social media by sharing your own uniqueness and don’t repeat and walk in other peoples shoes. The parrotting or Parrot Thing can be to much if not adding value. But at the same time I am also grateful to all people who share Love!



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