Thank You! My Impressions from the Social Boom Conference

Thank You! My impressions from the social boom conference

It feels almost unbelievable I have experienced one of the best dreams in my life during the weekend. To meet Gary Vaynerchuk was awesome and I enjoy so much reading his book “The Thank You Economy” since I recognize so much as an early adopter and entrepreneur.

I got in contact with Kim Garst and Rod Arnold the Shining LinkedIn Guru a year ago in Kim’s group You Can Do Social Media and decided to join the Inner Circle 6 months ago when she started. There is an energy and strength in the group which is so powerful and life transforming. When Kim mentioned she will arrange a social media conference I knew I had to go.

The presentations was amazing and everybody did it with Passion and a Presence that got me to feel as they were talking directly to me. But it was not only the conference in itself that was amazing, the attendees were also sharing and caring for each other during the breakouts and I have got some great friends. Chu Shin, Jake Tital, Chris McCann and John Balauat.

If you are working within the social media business it is sometimes quite lonely since you are doing something most people don’t really understand the Why of. Then is Social Boom the ultimate conference to attend. If you want to know how to DO IT for a living is Terry Stevenson THE Expert!

Nathan Latka is young and talented and really knows how to make business of Facebook with Lujure and Heyo. There was a lot of great speakers as Dr. Daisy SutherlandWork Smarter Not Harder. Kristen Eckstein, How to Write and Publish a Book that Brings You Business, Tara Geissinger and Christine O’Kelly Content Marketing Action Plan. Jennifer Bennet, Power Facebook Ads and Stacy Stevens, “Believe in others until they believe in themselves”

Creating relationships with people using social media is an outstanding opportunity which can boost your business if you are doing it with sincerity, honesty and caring for people. You have to be unique and open minded for learning, sharing and dare to go beyond your comfort zone.

When coming back to Sweden it was with a completely new understanding of the impact social media have in peoples lives. The name “Social Boom” for the conference was spot on and I know it will change peoples lives and we will all contribute to lasting effects in our communities.

The strength with the conference was that we are covering so many different areas in the society and the snow ball effect will be tremendous. To join the social media revolution which is ongoing all over the world 24/7 is one of the most important choices you have to do and the sooner the better for YOU.

Thanks to all of You who made the conference so special for me and I look forward to see each one of you on the next conference and you who couldn’t come this time.

I was especially glad to meet our Inner Circles youngest member a 4 months child which is Why I am working with social media. Creating a sustainable environment for our children and future generations by collaborating with the most creative people in the world.



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