Social media with honesty, integrity and empathy for people

Social media with honesty integrity and empathy for people

There are many who wants to join the social media hype and do business but you have to know how to use it and don’t expect to much from the beginning.

I have seen it over and over lately and getting tired of seeing people who are  creating a website and sell social media services without knowing how it works.

First you have to know your values and have a vision otherwise you will get lost and feel more frustration than before joining. It can be very time consuming also so you need patience and be persistent.

Empathy is more important than anything else since you need to feel and relate to people and this is so essential in every action. If you are not prepared for this and believe you can interact without feeling it is better to let someone else take care of your presence in social media. You are building trust and confidence creating a lasting relationship through your personal presence.

Honesty if you think that you can fool your audience will they feel it sooner or later and leave. There are no workarounds and you have to know yourself and prepare well before starting to interact.with people. Hire a coach and push your own limits to see where your weakness and strength are. You might be challenged and it’s better to have done it alone in a secure environment with a coach and not in a public space.

Integrity is what you show by not showing to much and is something which has to be balanced between your personal uniqueness and privacy. It’s only you who can decide on which level and where the line is and you have to feel it and never go further. There might be something or someone who challenge you and it can be very easy to reply in affection. Think and feel thoroughly before replying you might need someone else to ask also or give a reply that you need time to think and will come back tomorrow. Relax and sleep with a conviction that you will see tomorrow with a fresh mind on the issue instead of giving a forced reply.



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