Social media measurement tools Klout Kred and Naymz

Social media measurement by Klout Kred and Naymz

I have been looking at these tools for a while since it’s important for me to be able to evaluate others and my own social media presence. The tools I am presenting here is for measuring the personal interaction.

Klout is a terrible tool which doesn’t work. It is a roller cost where the scores are jumping up and down without control. Yesterday I had 67 and today it’s 57? One day you have a decent score and others you wonder what happened? The score above 65.04 is from a cached copy on the 19:th of August. When check in today I got also this “Welcome to Klout, Christer! Klout is the standard of influence” in my mailbox.

The worst is that no one knows or explain what is measured and no figures are shown so you can understand. I know several trustful people left and others doubt to use Klout because of this and I used to say it’s only a fun game.

But the more people who relay on Klout asking for the score the more important it is the score is correct. It’s also annoying everybody get a klout score independently if they chose to participate or not when it’s poor in measure the real interaction.

Kred is a stable tool

Kred is the most reliable tool so far which measure your interaction and also have some figures where you get both the influence and outreach point. There is also a dashboard where you see the interaction. It’s possible to add a Chrome extension and you will see while surfing what scores other people have.

Naymz is more like a network tool and after joining you add your social networks as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google. You chose what kind of social networks to collect information from and you can easily endorse people. You can compare your ranking to other people based on topics on the leadership board.

My recommendation is to keep an eye on Klout but be aware of the figures are far away from correct and jump up and down without anyone understand why and without any explanation. I know my interaction was much higher the last couple of days and when the score was down today with 10 points and I have recommended people to use Klout I felt very bad! I use my own experience knowing it’s something really wrong with it.




2 thoughts on “Social media measurement tools Klout Kred and Naymz

  1. Agree with you that Klout has no clout. Stopped paying attention to it a long time ago.

    My 17 year old nephew has as a high a score as I do. He is active on Facebook only with his 600 friends or so. They post photos and comments like “ha ha” but despite that get high scores on Klout.

    Some of my US blogger friends according to Klout has as much influence online as Obama has. That’s ludicrous, to put it mildly.


    • Thanks Catarina! This is what I also think is the weakness with Klout and why it only should be seen as a fun game and not paying business attention to. I feel a bit silly since my latest postings on Facebook have been related to joining the “new” updated Klout. It’s also interesting that some highly ranked IBMers are using it and companies asking for Klout score.


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