Creativity boosts Social media interaction using Swedish vs English

Creativity boosts Social media interaction using Swedish vs English

I have been thinking lately about creativity and social media interaction in Sweden and why it feels so delimiting to only communicate in Swedish instead of English. My conclusion is that I feel much more open when writing in English since there are many more people who can read and want to interact internationally.

My customers are located in Sweden and I work for local projects and communicate daily with Swedish speaking people but my inspiration comes from people all over the world. Another reason I believe is that my interest for creativity and innovation also reduce the amount of people who are interested in communicating. Most people don’t like changes and my passion for creativity and innovation challenge their current situation and beliefs.

Shadows of Love for nurturing your creativity

Think global act local is exactly what I am doing but would like to extend it to Do global and Do local when it’s related to social media. The inspiration I get and share when writing in English nurtures my creativity and I hate boxes and rules if there is no reason behind I can understand and accept.

When thinking of the limitation of creative people it is not so strange that many of them are travelling and live in other countries. They are often more open for diversity and other cultures and a genuine interest in learning aware of their own limited knowledge which force them to be curious and explore the world.

“creative people make mistakes, and they subject themselves to embarrassment and humiliation. They must be willing to fail. Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, even recommended that one route to success was to “double your failure rate.” One particularly common trait of creative people is enthusiasm. The phrases “driving absorption,” “high commitment,” “passionate interest,” and “unwilling to give up” describe most creative people. Curiosity and wide interests are related traits, whether the creative person is a research scientist, entrepreneur, artist, or professional entertainer.  A good sense of humor is common. Creative people tend to have a childlike sense of wonder and intrigue, and an experimental nature. From Winston Brill’s website

I challenge everyone I am collaborating with which I know can be hard to take sometimes but I have made a promise to start with myself and dare to be different. The day I am not using my own guidance is there nothing left and my uniqueness is gone. This is also what I am coaching people in doing when interacting in social media as it lasts forever and they can never fail only learn something new.

There are many people who are looking for a safe and secure social media presence with only tools and techniques. This might work for a little while but if you don’t know your vision and values it is only a matter of time before you are losing your audience.

Why are you using social media and what is your vision and values?





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