World Children’s Festival and Social media

World Children’s Festival and Social media

I am honored to be Swedens representant for the International Child Art Foundation. It was 2011 we attended the World Children’s Festival in Washington DC and children from 71 countries participated and more than 15 000 attended the festival. A special thanks to Team Coast Guard, Ms. Portia Davidson and CDR Kirby Sniffen for being such a wonderful host families who made our visit to Washington DC a memory for life.

Retired Workforce Policy Advisor to the Commandant, HQ, United States Coast Guard, Washington, D.C

Social media is important for spreading what this event is about to the people who want to contribute. You can make a difference in the world by supporting the organisation as Roslagens Savings Bank, Hallstavik Network, Peoples House in Hallstavik, Lars Borgersen Revision AB, Theo Fick and Ingrid Inglander did.

Dance group from Nigeria performing at the stage on the festival!

If you believe in encouraging and inspiring children as our future leaders and want to nurture their creativity and empathy join us now by sharing the organisation and it’s purpose. I hope we can meet in 2015 on the next World Childrens Festival.

See some more pictures taken by Swedish students from Hallstavik!



6 thoughts on “World Children’s Festival and Social media

    • Thanks Kim I am very grateful for your kind words only wish I could work 100% with this kind of projects. I need to be more creative and find better ideas for creating money 😀


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