Reflections about addiction to social media

Reflections about addiction to social media

I have had some days off for reflection about why I am using social media and if I am addicted to it in some way. My first thoughts was that I am only using it for my work and profession.

The picture represents so much for me what is behind, yin and yang, upside down, what is the direction, how many layers and so on… I started to think about my work, but the reason is more complex and I have noticed it fulfill my human basic needs:

  • It gives me certainty since I recognize some daily tasks and can repeat them without thinking so much and know it works…
  • It satisfies my need for the unexpected and curiosity because I never know who will respond and what happens next…
  • I feel significant since some people recognize me by liking and commenting what I am writing or sharing…
  • I feel as I belong to and are loved by others which gives me a warm feeling of not being alone…
  • It’s a constant progress and growth of my learning and every day bring some new insights raising new questions…
  • I contribute and know that my work have an impact on peoples lives which impact both them and the world in some way when stretching their minds…

The picture is from last year when I handed over The President’s Voluntary Service Award to some student’s who participated and collaborated on the World Children’s Festival. It represents everything I stand up for and want to achieve with my social media presence.

We are here to help each other to grow and create a better world for our children. Some are born and live in countries with war and crimes while others are having it all. It’s not about competition between countries and people it’s about how we work together and use our creativity and compassion.





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