Be Social in your digital communication

Be Social in your digital communication

It’s time to create a balance in the ongoing social media debate and start talking about communication. The word Social seems to confuse some people and I think it is since most of the communication in social media is unnecessary for creating real relationships and doing business.

Sweden’s Employment Minister on the Future Day in Hallstavik

I have been working at IBM and Ericsson for 10 years before I re-launched my company in 2010. Social media have been my tools for creating relationships and doing business the last 25 years but it was never called social media and almost no one questioned an increased digital communication.

Keep in mind that most of the people I have worked with was located all over the world. My background is from purchasing and logistics ten years before IBM with mainly digital interaction. We can stop talking about Social media and let’s say digital communication instead where you need to Be Social for doing Business

Ask people if they could stop their digital communication and being social without loosing their business? The Keys are Why, What, How, When and with Whom we shall communicate for being successful. This is the basic rules for all kind of business and pleasure and we need to make the right choice for being successful.

The qualities to get followers and succeed with social media relationships is that readers feel the passion held by those who write and work with it. This is Why I am always starting with asking what your vision and values are.

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