Inspiring social media marketing and sales

Inspiring social media marketing and sales

What is the key to successful interaction with your social media customers?

First of all you have to show result and you know what you are talking about!

An interesting discussion is ongoing about Peerindex and buying followers:


I welcome this discussion since there are so many hard working people who are dedicated to a trustful and authentic communication while there are others who want to gain benefits on buying a presence and higher SEO rank.

This have been known in the gaming world for almost 10 years where people are paid for leveling the avatars. One example is World of Warcraft where people in some countries spend hour after hour doing repetitive tasks and sell to innocent buyers who want to cheat the real gamers.

Why is this important and what is the relation to marketing and sales?

It’s about having the right mindset in everything you do and if you are concerned about your professional reputation it is essential you know with whom you are doing business and cannot be neglected.

Alexa ranking is a first check you can do before buy to see if they do the work.

People will be more and more aware of with whom they are doing business with. If they are not serious it will fall back on themselves and that’s Why your values and visions are so important to start with. is another place to check a persons reputation on



If you are interested in learning more about what’s going on in the social media business I invite you to ask questions and share your findings for creating more knowledge about ethical issues within this rather new business.

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30 thoughts on “Inspiring social media marketing and sales

  1. These days anyone can ‘say’ they do anything and can still get customers — but they won’t stay if you don’t know what you know and do what you do. It’s about relationships and not numbers. As we say here, ‘Put up or shut up’. 🙂


  2. Knowledge is power, isn’t it? I like to check Alexa rankings, especially if people are saying they are social media experts. If the Alexa ranking is up in the millions, it casts a big doubt in my mind! Great post, Christer!


    • Thanks Sherie! I was inspired by exactly the same notice! I have seen so many companies with several employees who are not Doing ranked over several millions and almost no in links even try to sell their service to me 😀


  3. Great article. Thank you! This is what I strive for everyday in my business. We make relationships whith every single client, and that is why we do not have the turnover that most house cleaning services go through.


  4. My goal and passion is to reach as many parents and grandparents as possible. Tools such as alexa help me know if I am being successful or not! Yes, I have products for sale to assist parents but much of the information I want to share is within my free articles as well. Therefore, the number of sales is not a true reflection of whether or not I have accomplished my goal. Great article!


  5. This is a great post, Christer. It is really important to check out businesses before you buy. Relationship building takes time and patience. Trying to take the quick way out by buying Likes or followers is a waste of money, time and resources.


    • Thanks Mandy 😀 I use the Kred app on Google Chrome and it’s very useful since I can see all peoples scores on Twitter, blogs etc. There are many who talks but not as many Doers which ís good for us. We only need to believe more in ourselves and be better on marketing that’s Why I bring up the facts. I responded actually today on a Facebook group for entrepreneurs where there was a guy who wanted to hire a person with the highets Klout score. Nobody replied with it only their mails and so on. I replied with my Klout 57, Kred 721/7, Peer Index 49, Naymz 73rd. Alexa site Global 301.516 and 1.804 Sweden with 99 inbound links right now to No purchased likes or followers … Don’t call me for expert however, but I have good knowledge to deliver results for customers based on their needs. I got a Thanks Christer and he encouraged me to send a mail to him. All the other 10 postings did some jokes about Klout and that they could fake their score or replied to it a year ago… This is HARD Facts We are Doers and we Live with it. It’s time to Step Up 😀


  6. it is all about the relationship and you keep clients with great relationships! I have really great relationships with my clients and enjoy their friendship as well as their business!


  7. I like real conversation and real people. Big numbers are impressive but I too, check things like engagement on Twitter for ex. when someone has 13k followers (and they only have 93 tweets)
    Christer I find you very real, authentic in everything you do. Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks Suzanne! It’s very valuable for me to have friends like you. I believe in interaction with people who care about creating relationships on long term and their presence when “googling” is very important for me. There are many websites and social media places out there with people using fancy words and good looking sites but there is no energy behind. It doesn’t matter if it’s a highly ranked site or not, for me it is the person behind that counts. You have proven to be one of my most trustful web friends 😀


  8. At the end of the day, buying ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ can only get you so far. It’s a short sighted solution that will not pay off in the long run. The answer is engagement and quality of ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ as always.


  9. I have definitely learned that the numbers can be deceiving on social media. I look more at engagement factors and what kind of conversations are going on when I am evaluating whether to trust someone on social media advice. I also think Alexa rankings say something, although I have seen services where you can pay and they’ll guarantee you a certain ranking. Not sure if they work, or how long the ranking lasts, but I just feel like if you really want to be successful, in the end you’ve got to keep it real!


    • Thanks Jennifer! I agree about everything you say and know very well about the paying for ranking but that is something which will fall back on themselves and it will only be the same people doing business with each other. When people get fooled they will start to investigate who is a fake and really serious. The professional reputation and referrals will be much more important and based on Real results honestly earned. I believe in customer ranking systems and real comments on blogs etc. with serious people.


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