Balance in using Social media – Do you spam Followers?

I have posted to much in social media!

My sister, Marika told me to stop updating Facebook so often since her wall was filled with my updates and my wife removed my updating. It didn’t matter if referred to other people’s postings or my own they thought it was annoying anyway and wanted to see other friends postings too.

Me, Me, Me needs to be changed to You, You, You…

This is also something I have been thinking on for a while because most of the postings are created by the same people. There is also a noticeable presence in Facebook comments and likes, Twitter Re-Tweets, Mentions and Google +1.

One of the most important questions is How to inspire and encourage people to engage, communicate and contribute with interesting content. When I don’t get feedback and comments it’s like a creativity boost and I start to analyze trends and add tacit knowledge (intuition, my conscious and unconscious knowledge).

What and who inspires you?

The result so far is that I have to work smarter through channels and don’t focus so much on those who already knows and follows me. They and especially I am are also expecting me to come up with some new and creative ways to reach out.

Fredrik Lyreskog is a creative swede who I follow and get some ideas from. Why mention Fredrik here? He is encouraging people to share links and can balance between many tasks for reaching out without loosing control.

YES! It’s about reaching out and have some FUN. Balance is not only work and focus on result. I have had some fun in playing Empire Avenue and watch some Google+ Hangouts and most important spend time with my wife and family.


What do you think – do you feel listened to



20 thoughts on “Balance in using Social media – Do you spam Followers?

    • Thanks Christy! It feels great to hear you like how I write about things which could be seen as negative. I am using lateral thinking to change a negative topic to something which can be used for something to improve…


    • Thanks Becky! That’s very common, for me too. But I use to think that if it’s a really good idea it will mature and pop up again when it’s time in the right situation and with the right people. It’s like seed and harvest!


  1. I too have hear those same words–you post so much! However, whenever I feel i need to do less I come across someone that my posts have helped and they got through a difficult time–without my even knowing they where experiencing anything. Thus fulfilling my goal to lift up and encourage others around me–so I continue.


    • Thanks Lind! I love this we are doing what we feels right and our decisions are our own. When we are aware of them it increase our ability to continue with more Power. Diversity is so important and some words are needed to be repeated over and over again without thinking about loosing some followers.


  2. awesome, thank you for this. I try to post less than my influencers, but more often than my “followers”….. not so much that I’m annoying, and not so little that people forget I exist. 🙂


    • Thanks Gretchen! YOU are the most important for me too and I love you have noticed this. We are all connected and when we use social media for reaching out to people it has to be with a YOU thinking and approach 😀


  3. Hi Christer, I love your posts. I have received a message on FB about too many going through from me and that it is a turnoff and people will unfriend me. Negative feedback in some cases is the best feedback. I may have lost dozens of friends and never known why.


    • Thanks Suzanne! This was exactly what happened to me and why I wrote this post. Thought it was something important to think of and share. Have seen many people only posting from their own point of view without reflection. Our purpose can be missed and we wonder Why people don’t interact with us.


  4. Thank you, Christer. Loved this post. I am always keenly aware not to clog up other people’s feed with my posting. That is one of the reasons I use HootSuite. I interact a lot more on Twitter than anywhere else…sometimes when engagement is happening, that sort of things can’t be helped. 🙂


    • Thanks Theresa! I appreciate your response very much and have to admit that my postings have actually clogged up people’s feeds. This is something I don’t think so many have thought about before. I have today checked from another profile how it looks like and noticed how annoying my postings must have been. It’s one thing to post much, but when it’s my own Alexa ranking every day it looks as a spam. Who cares to see it every day falling from 984 000 down to 485 000… Yes, Me! It’s a good approach to use Twitter and schedule the tweets. I am not really there yet, but I Love engagement and do it in real time… See you on Twitter 😀


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