Business network for people with empathy who use Twitter

Increase business network with Twitter!

I have been focusing on Twitter for a while since twitters rules stopped me from adding more friends after reaching the 2000 level. It has therefore been very important for me to evaluate who is active and support me or my friends.

Kim Garst Twitter Muscle

To have a lot of inactive friends is like wearing a back pack without a content and I decided therefore to stop following those who haven’t tweeted anything the last month. It’s impossible to interact with all friends but I expect at least to see some posts every month mentioning or re-tweet me or someone else.

There is a lot of people who don’t get any new followers but my main problem was that I couldn’t follow back or add new interesting peeps. The last week has my Peerindex (twitter measure for influence) went up from 41 to 45 which is a Big step in the right direction within only a week.


My Alexa ranking (website traffic) is also increasing and there was recently an article about how social media drives visitors to your website. The old fashioned SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is decreasing and it’s more important to use your own presence and interaction in social media.

The challenge is how to do this and to know what works without wasting valuable time. It’s here your personality and authenticity comes added with empathy. This is something you have to work on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter if you are famous or buy followers if you cannot inspire and be present with your own values and visions. Some people even think they can sell followers which I feel is so stupid and the same as someone could go on a theater or movie instead of me.

To build business networks is about creating relationships with real people who have empathy and cares for fulfilling needs and deliver results. It’s time to speak the truth and tell how much time and efforts it takes for getting result. It’s called Social media and not Anti-Social media.

Think of social media as a Big community with people on a street market you can contact and interact with by using a megaphone. Would you like someone else to do this for you? If yes choose that person wisely and make sure you know he is doing it for you and not only for himself.

I am working strategically with social media as a tool for communication and I have integrated it with my website. This is also what I do for my customers and educate in combined with strategical coaching and consulting.


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