Why I am using Google+ and see possibilities

Google+ is a great tool for quick interaction!

I have been using Google+ for a while and liked it mainly for the search engine optimization and added a company page. Another smooth functionality was the circles adding people to different topics for sending information about updates and further interaction.

Google+ Circles

The connection to Gmail and connect to calender with import and export of e-mail adresses and the automatic connection from my mobile scanning business cards is a great functionality! This is especially useful when they have a QR code and I can highly recommend Kimberley Reynolds who is specialized in this and knows social media inside and out.

Qwikr.me QR Codes

But today I have used Google+ similar to a Twitter follow friday with #hashtag after an invitation from Erik Andersson who is a very savvy and creative swede. I know there are a lot of people who write about ideas as they came up with them and do not give cred to the inventor.



2 thoughts on “Why I am using Google+ and see possibilities

    • Thanks Kim! I appreciate you and really like how you inspire and encourage me in your FB group and using Empire Avenue. Good Luck with the Klout 80 competition 😀


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