In memory of my wife Cecilia Edman-Nordberg 19:th of May 2002

Cecilia Maria was adopted to Sweden from South Korea when she was 15 years old and the adoption process took approx. 2 years. According to personal files she was found abandoned outside an orphenage, “Star of the Sea” in Inchon and she was given the name, Shin Hyo Sook and her birth date was estimated to the 8:th of September in 1958. She had no memories except for that it was a man in a costume who left her, but this was a very vague and uncertain memory.

She lived with 3 families in South Korea when she was 13 to 15 years before the adoption was accepted and could move to Sweden in 1973. We met on a Swedish Ski resort in 1980 and married on the 3:rd of April in 1983. Our first child Shin was born in 1990 and our second Kim in 1992.

After a couple of years Cecilia told me she was going to get a life threatening disease in her forties and might die. She was diagnosed in May 2001 with stomach cancer and went through three surgeries during her last year. I had been a searcher for many years and introduced her to Qi Gong, Reiki, The Silva Method, TAO, Zen and the Journey by Brandon Bays. She absorbed it and I remember especially her daily Qi Gong routines which she did despite of the parental feeding and the other tubes in her body, leaking wounds and stoma.

We lived the last 3 ½ months at a hospice in a family room where she also died. She never gave up and refused to talk about dying since this was no option for her until the last week when she said her preparation for death had come. She choose healing music, flowers she liked and said that she wanted to be alone and sleep without pain.

I Love You Cecilia and will always do and know that you have much better now than the life I ever could give and you deserved. My failures and mistakes are many and I regret so much what I have said and done sometimes when I escaped after months and nights without a good nights sleep and caring for you and our children.

Among Cecilia’s last words was “Listen to the Children and take care of them“. For me is this a responsibility to not only care for our biological it’s also for every child in need since both Cecilia and my mother was adopted. I believe we have to be the change and what we want to instead of forcing our children to be something we want them to be. This is also my Why I am doing what I do!


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