Why Social media is about learning not education

I got a great insight today about the difference between education and learning when discussing the usage of Klout. Some people who are working within Social media believes education is more important while others are focused on learning.

There are some people who dislike when people are repeating the same message over and over only with some new names. What they don’t know is that there is a human behind each of of those Thank you or Mentioning or Re-Tweet who really likes to be recognized. They are Learning by Doing and see how others are Doing!

What I mean with learning is that you can practice something while education is something you can put on a piece of paper and show but has seldom a value. See “Difference between learning and education” which explains the difference very well.

Since my background is primarily school of life I feel very close to Pink Floyd’s, “Another brick in the wall” and it feels suitable here. But I have to add that I like well educated people who have learned to use their knowledge wisely.

This posting was inspired by Kim Garst and how to increase your Klout score and a discussion started by Christiane Marshall within the You Can Do Inner Circle a Facebook group.

What do you Think are you Learning or wait for someone else to Educate you?


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