Effective Communication by using Social Media

Networks with Purpose based on Values!

I became recently a Certified Networker after being trained by Referrals for Life but this means nothing if not practised daily with a purpose.

Referrals for Life

Networking is for me every action for increasing an opportunity to help someone else to fulfill a need and it’s on a personal level. It can be economic, human or for the environment. Rotary is my first choice of network since they where first and is still the largest business network in the world with 1 200 000 members.

Rotary International

I am looking for synergies between people and the networks they belong to. Most people are involved in organizations as Rotary, BNI, Lion’s, Red Cross, Chambers of Commerce, UN, EU or ASEAN based on interests and/or regions of living.

Many organizations are religious or political which is great when they collaborate and are open for peoples needs without excluding anyone. Unfortunately is this not so common and it seems as they are driven from an ego perspective instead.

To really make a difference in the world and be able to help someone else is it my strong belief that Knowledge is the King,Values the Queen and Communication is their Child.

Take care of our children is where we have to start for creating a positive change this is why the International Child Art Foundation is so important. We are working with stimulating and nurturing children’s creativity and empathy since they are our future leaders.

To nurture creativity and develop empathy

Do you feel you have an impact on the organisation you are networking in or that you are only a brick in the game fulfilling someone else need?

25 thoughts on “Effective Communication by using Social Media

  1. Christer, congrats on becoming a Certified Networker! I love the fact that you are using this to help others fulfill a need on a personal level! You are so right when you say “To really make a difference in the world and be able to help someone else is it my strong belief that Knowledge is the King,Values the Queen and Communication is their Child.” God bless you!


    • Thanks Denny We do! I am inspired by how you are working with parenting and see many things which can be applied on adults as well. We need to take care of our children and communication is essential for all kind of collaboration.


    • Thanks Tony! I know how overwhelming it is at the beginning 😀 I am slowly learning how to work more strategic instead of collecting business cards and meet people without purpose. Which network/s are you participating in?


    • Thanks Carla! That was a Great point and interesting since I talked with my teacher about exactly the same this week when I gave feedback and he coached me. There have been a lot of spin off effects from my voluntary work with the children and this is also what I am coaching people in. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the future for doing responsible and trustworthy business. It takes time and you might lose some short sighted business opportunities but the feeling of doing something good for others is more important for me. Have a Great Saturday 😀


  2. Hey Christer, I’ve definitely checked out some of the organizations that you mentioned. To be specific, I’ve checked out BNI and also local Chambers of Commerce. I’ve had mixed experiences. At the end of the day though, I definitely see the importance of taking care of our children and it seems like there is some fantastic work being done with the International Child Art Foundation =)


    • Thanks Edmund! It use to depend on the People if the club or chapter is working or not. If they are trustful networkers who cares for helping others there will be business sooner or later. Credability is something you have to earn by showing respect for your own and your contacts time. Give first and you will get and the more you give the more you will get. Create relations and collaborate only with People You trust.


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