Creativity and Six Thinking Hats in Social media

Do you use any tool for creating ideas?

I am using Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking which is very fun and efficient.

There are a lot of situations when we need to change our mind set and come up with new thinking and ideas especially when working with “new” areas as Social media.

But, there is always a but, the most ideas are newer implemented due to a lot of reasons I know and can teach you about how to come through.

Innovation Management and Innovation Processes are essential to know about since lack of involvement and understanding from top management and middle management are something you must be aware of.

Corporate Culture is also something you have to consider and how to make sure people are collaborating.

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Six Thinking Hats


28 thoughts on “Creativity and Six Thinking Hats in Social media

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever used a tool for creative social media ideas. It’s taking me a little while to get my brain wrapped around the whole social media marketing thing, but the 6 thinking hats is a great start! Thanks!


    • Thanks Sarah! It feels so nice to hear you like it too. There is a school in Sweden and many other countries too where they are using the hats for improving the communication. One teacher used the hats for letting the students explore articles in newspapers. What are the facts, white hat and what attracts the readers feelings, red hat and so on…


    • Thank you Alexandra! It’s very useful and I like also how they helps to stay focused especially important during brainstorming sessions and when ideas are needed.


    • Thank you Theresa! I’m glad you also like the hats! One of my first workshops after leaving IBM and in my new role as a vendor was about helping some postgraduates boosting their mind set to become more creative. We can do something every day which increase our creative ability and I love also learning new things.


    • Thanks Edmund! Yes, I will come with more info and invites soon… Work on my business model since it has to be a good mix between freebies, contests and sales. We are in business you know 😀 By the way I really enjoy your work and friendship.


    • Thanks Daisy! It’s a very powerful concept. You can use the hats for almost anything since they cover every situation in life. We need to know the facts (white) and be aware of where the feelings (red) comes in and interrupt our planning (blue) and so on. I use to think which hat a person wear during a discussing when I am on a meeting and can choose how to talk or ask questions in best way for progressing… Many decisions are made on assumptions and creativity stopped by critical judgment. Have a Great rest of the day 😀


  2. Very creative Christer, thanks! I love the idea of consciously putting on different hats and looking at things from different points of view. Very helpful for a marketer always trying to please her audience!


    • Interesting point Jennifer and as a multicultural school in Sweden, Husbygårdsskolan is using the hats from a readers perspective which I replied to Sarah, “letting the students explore articles in newspapers. What are the facts, white hat and what attracts the readers feelings, red hat and so on…


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