Know Your Values and Vision before using Social media

Do you know Your Values and Vision?

One of todays biggest challenges is to be authenthic and genuine and don’t play around in Social media without knowing Why you should be there.

I have been working with Social media over 15 years educating people in using tools for collaboration and leading teams. I left IBM in 2010 and re-launched my own company with focus on creativity, values and social media.

If you want to know your values and visions I recommend ValuesOnLine which is a tool to help you to find your own. It’s an OnLine questionnary where you reply during 1 – 1 ½ hour. It’s used by leading companies all over the world and a part of the Swedish Scout training for their youth leaders.

I will get the result and share with you during a face 2 face or Skype session lasting about 2 hrs. I am doing this in my role as a ValuesOnline facilitator.

Read more about ValuesOnLine and book a session with me. I have one seat for free but only if you book within 24 hours. The investment are normally approx. 75 USD for the Ranking questionnary and 360 USD for the personal session.

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