Social media is about Values and Visions

Social media is HOT and many people want to know the “How to”. I am still questioning the Why since most people don’t understand it’s a paradigm shift and we cannot continue to work as before and only add Social media on top.

To start using Social media is about going into the public space and that’s why I am talking about values and visions as the most important before even think about being in a public space for business. You need to be authentic and genuine on a personal level. There are no work arounds!

I am offering 2 seats, only 1 left for free to go through your values and vision together with me. You start the journey with an OnLine tool and reply on questions during approx. 1 ½ hour. The result will then be shared with you during a Skype session or face 2 face meeting and everything is based on your own story. My role is only to facilitate your process.

You can reply to me by mail, phone, Twitter, Facebook or the tool you feel comfortable with. I am doing this for free as a part of my own training to be a facilitator for helping people to know their values and visions.

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14 thoughts on “Social media is about Values and Visions

  1. I LOVE Social Media! I’m still learning a little more everyday, so I believe your business venture will be not only much sought after but necessary while businesses learn to navigate through Facebook, Twitter and beyond! Best of luck to you!


    • Thanks Erica! It means so much to me and we can help each other to make more use of it by learn and lead. There is always something new to learn… Have an inspiring Day and all the Best to you too 😀


    • Thanks Norma! I am glad you love it! It’s important for me to walk the talk and this is also a reason why I enjoy to be a member of Rotary, “Service Above Self” and BNI, “Givers Gain”. We are here to help each other and collaborate.


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