Collaboration with inspiring people

This morning started with a meeting in Norrtälje with Coompanion Roslagen who hired me for an inspirational coaching related to Social media.

It was absolutely amazing to discuss social media with the team who had a very diversified background and this is optimal for creative collaboration.

2012 is the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives which I suggested they should use in their marketing for reaching out to people.

I showed them also the Facebook group Kim Garst started and I learn so much from. There are a lot of amazing people in the group and you can visit Pinterest to find their pages.

The next meeting was a start up for Referrals for Life the Certified Networker Programme I have joined for creating more business to my customers.

We are 21 persons who will be trained during 10 weeks. The 5 hours I spent today is the most efficient networking hours so far and I am looking forward to the next meeting.

The programme is created from BNI’s (Business Network International) most successful teams and how they are networking with Referral Marketing.

Our team consists of professional networkers who are dedicated to be the best and this is exactly what I mean with collaborate with the most inspiring people.


20 thoughts on “Collaboration with inspiring people

    • Thank you Patricia! Yes, it’s very useful since the awareness and knowledge are so different about social media and everybody has their own impression but few knows so much about how to use it and why.


    • Thanks for your comment! Yes it’s always bi-directional and every team are different to work with and understanding the corporate culture is essential for creating a change in their mindset. People use to think in right or wrong and I use to say both can be right what do you have passion for to work with.


    • Yes Jennifer! I feel so blessed to see how universe is giving me everything. Today was an absolutely awesome day again and I met some inspiring people who I will collaborate with related to values and vision.


    • Thanks Lorriel! It feels so good to see you found something valuable. Do you have any ideas about how to spread the knowledge about the international year of the cooperative and make use of it?


  1. I love your excitement and passion for what you are doing! It comes through in your blog post as well as your presence in social media. I can definitely tell that you are a Lover of Life. This is your year to soar to even greater heights, my friend! Thank you, for being the Amazing person that you are 🙂


    • Yes I am feeling it’s going to happen some Great things this year. I will increase my work as a netweaver and focus on strategical collaboration where I see the matches between people and networks. This will help many more than if I would try to manage everything by myself or just give up. It’s amazing to see how the Law of Attraction works. Meeting so many fantastic people and hear about stories which open their hearts and I am talking about people who usually don’t talk about feelings. BNI and business in general is going to be Social and caring. I am so grateful to you my friend for the kind support and always ask how you can help me. There will come time for help but not only me for everybody else who really need it. You are the shining star and I just noticed the importance you have for peoples growth including mine 😀


    • Thank you Helena! We are doing it together and you are a part of it. Every reader and commentator who shares their positive energy are important contributors. I talked today with a business contact and he really liked the work we are doing and I am so grateful to be a part of the YCD group. Have a Great weekend 😀


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