Are you Creative and can Create something New?

How do you create something new?

Today there are very many who write about how to do, but very few do it themselves or have the ability to come up with something new.

It’s like Twitter, where most follow someone else and retweet what others have written. Almost all articles and newsletters also refers to what someone else already have come up with.

Everything seems to be to copy, modify a bit and present as their own, which is unnecessary and time consuming. What if there was intelligent search tool that brought out what is unique much faster, and presented it in a good way.

To create creative renewal need strong leaders and individuals who want and dare to think and do something new instead of following someone else. Here you will enter and all people can take a leadership over their own thoughts and ideas.

So what is authentic and unique?
In my opinion, it is when someone assumes herself and adds something new from their own experiences. The basis for this often come from a variety of sources and contexts. Essential for success is that you are aware of your personal values ​​and visions.

When it comes to innovation work, it is almost impossible to re-connect to all sources, since the best ideas often come intuitively and not logically. This is in my opinion, one of the biggest obstacles that so few ideas are implemented.

Why is this so important to know?
To succeed in implementing the ideas they need to be clarified and presented so that they can contribute to the introduction of them, they presented very well and understand the purpose. Here defects too often and it will never start a dialogue.

Anyone who is genuine and unique is instead often seen as odd and ideas are treated accordingly. Clear leadership and an innovative corporate culture that appreciates that we are authentic and unique leads automatically to creative renewal.

What can you do to influence?
We are certainly many people who have been told that it is impossible or that it has been tested before, but that it was possible to do and then it stops completely and we will return to everyday life again. Here I would say that everything begins.

Find out all the facts is necessary and make sure you have a sound basis. A good start is to have several who want to participate and you can develop the idea with. Then, for the sale of it and if you can show in a realistic and expected result is half the job done.
You may have to do everything in your spare time and do not earn anything in the beginning then it is important that you are really passionate about it and work hard. The result will be and even if you do not succeed in implementing it, you have learned a lot and come a step further on your own development.

Good Luck!
Creativity Coach


8 thoughts on “Are you Creative and can Create something New?

  1. Great post! Thanks for fixing the translate thing 🙂 I like to think myself creative, however, it is time consuming and I end up retweeting a lot on Twitter. These are great ideas to get that process started from scratch!


    • Thanks Mandy! I appreciate you commented about the translation button so I could do a quick translation. It’s very annoying to see some text without understanding the content. Yes, it’s time consuming and I use to do both, retweet what I really like or write comments and questions… When I am thinking and look at some other texts, photos or videos the ideas use to come. I use very often the content which is in front of me usually Hootsuit or someones blog, FB etc and get inspiration about what to create. I focus and tune in on the person which is also very powerful when writing and I visit the persons blog, FB etc to feel their energy and if I succeed will the person feel the energy too. This is Social interaction and what I have felt with so many people from the YCD group.


    • Thank you Alexandra! I am very pleased to hear you enjoyed it and found something useful for boosting your creativity. It would have been worthless if you didn’t understand it 😀


  2. Great post! You hit some good points here. I think sometimes we can take the easy way out, especially if we are not naturally creative. I like the idea of using someone else’s work to foster a creative idea as oppose to just doing a few quick edits and calling it your own. I too like RT on Twitter as sometimes depending on what it is, is quicker. Major ideas I generally try to use my own creativity.


    • Thank you Tony! It’s really interesting to see how similar we think and I agree about the major ideas need more work on and sometimes mature before launching them. Great ideas use to stay in mind and pop up again after a while or there are some synergies working behind and we will be involved in something new when we can make use of them. I use to say that if an idea meet to much resistance the timing might be to early an example is that I have been waiting over 15 years for the social media revolution to start.


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