Social media blog friends it´s about You

Social Media is about Collaboration

If you want to be successful in Social media you need to connect with people and do it regularely on a personal level.

My Klout score and peer index have had a remarkable increase during the last couple of weeks. This is only achieved thanks to a close collaboration with people who are dedicated to help each other to follow our dreams with passion.

Take some time and connect with my friends and leave comments and start up conversation through their blogs. I will continue to share my friends blogs. Pinterest is a Great tool for this and it gives a quick picture overview.

Special Thanks to Kim Garst who started and run the Facebook group where we collaborate every day. Susan Preston is also moderating our team.

Social Media is about Collaboration


8 thoughts on “Social media blog friends it´s about You

  1. I agree! I love the YCD group – I’ve made some great connections! I have found connecting with people online can give you education, business contacts and friends that will help promote your business. BTW – I like seeing my logo in the graphic above 🙂


    • Hi Mandy! Thanks for your comments and I agree to 100% that it’s very valuable. No direct business but great connections who help me with presence in social media. Sweden is a very small market and a limited marketplace. Yes your logo is there 😀


  2. Great post. I agree that social media is about connecting with people and building a community. Commenting on interesting posts is also a great way to build links to your site and increase your visibility in the search engines. Win win all round!


  3. Thank you Christer! Love our collaboration and YCD group is so great! Such a good job with your pinterest too. It is great to support you as you never hold back in supporting others too!


    • Warm Thanks Solvita! Yes, it is truly one of the best teams I have been a part of and I am looking forward to every day and there is always something new inspiring to read. YCD is also a Great example to show what collaboration is about and I will show this for a customer tomorrow and some blog/websites, Facebook and Twitters from our members. I also enjoy the balance between follow, learn and sometimes lead.


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