Happy New Social media year 2012!

Thank You 2011 was an amazing year!

Hallstaviksnätverket and Roslagens Savings Bank who invested in creativity and social media based on my idea to use Open Innovation.

International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), Ashfaq Ishaq who invited me to run a creative activity on the World Children’s Festival in Washington DC. Special thanks to our host families, Ms. Portia Davidsson and her husband Mike who guided us so well and CDR Kirby Sniffen and his wonderful family.

[youtube_video id=”9aWpFbScIr0″]

Hallsta and Gottsta School in Hallstavik and Husbygårdsskolan in Husby for your creative and inspiring cooperation when we filled the forum with all the students work which were presented on the World Children’s Festival.

[youtube_video id=”q75TmgQjTKI”]

Coompanion, Bridget Wedberg for your referral to Coop who hired me as an inspirational creativity coach.

BNI Royal Haga, Business Network International (BNI) all members in my team are outstanding and you really follow “givers gain”. A special thanks to Mette Bungerfeldt, Qualitas who has given me some great referrals and also opened your office to run a workshop in social media.

Orjala Consulting, Patric Orjala is a licenced coaching certificator at ICC and we have just started up an interesting collaboration related to a Social media strategy.

Addhuman, Mats Hagelin and Britta Lundkvist who work with Mindfullness and hired me to get some advice related to creating a social media strategy.

ValuesOnline Leadership Centre, Bobby Forshell for your introduction to a work with leadership and values. Our collaboration will have an impact on many levels and this is something I am really looking forward to deepen. It was Bobby who introduced me to Edward de Bono’s, Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking in the 90’s.

Rotary Järfälla RotaryklubbRotary International. I am very grateful for the members friendship and trust in me. A special thanks to Bala Kamallakharan who invited me to Rotary Reykjavik International Iceland club.

Arbetslivsresurs, Johan Bittner who hired me for inspiring unemployed to creative networking twice this year. I love to interact with an audience who cares about their future.

Spring Magic Life who introduced me to write in her book about my dreams and how I am working with fulfilling them. Spring has also introduced me to join her mastermind group and we have virtual meetings using Social media. “Everybody can make a change in the world and there are always something good we can do for ourselves and others. If you feel and see something which you have passion for just go for it and follow your heart and act with Love.”

Kim Garst for your friendship and invitation to your amazing group with social media experts who I am collaborating with and learn from on a daily basis.

ESBRI Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute. I was invited to talk about Open Innovation and my work with inspiring and encouraging the citizens in Hallstavik to collaborate on an idea forum. This link is to video only in Swedish and I talk about in part 2 after 26 min.ESBRI om Open Innovation

Niketo, Kerstin Eriksson for interesting discussions about new opportunities and collaboration.

New opportunities and collaborations in 2012

There are no limits and every day has a new opportunity. What do You dream about and do you want to join me on this amazing journey where there are no limits except our imagination?


6 thoughts on “Happy New Social media year 2012!

  1. Great post, Creman! I love this, “There are no limits and every day has a new opportunity. What do You dream about and do you want to join me on this amazing journey where there are no limits except our imagination?” It is amazing how limiting our thoughts can be, it’s only when we dare to Dream BIG Dreams as well as take the effective action steps to get there…will we ever realize them. I will join you, this will be an Amazing year for all of us. Thanks 🙂


    • Thanks Susan! I love how you share and express your thoughts and feelings. Yes, we can and will realize our Big Dreams by taking the action steps. There are no limits when we collaborate and help each other. I have listened to and been inspired by so many amazing people from the YCD group and know “this will be an Amazing year for all of us”. 😀


    • Thanks Norma! You are so right and every day is a blessing when working together with people as you, who knows how to recognize and help people to feel welcomed. I think this is one of today’s most important tasks for Social “media” workers. The feeling you get from a person who listen to you and your needs is transforming and I know there are many people who feel alone and want to be included and belong.


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