All in One tools for creative work with Social media

It’s frustrating to talk about how to use new tools in Social media while I am  spending several hours without working smarter. It’s great with links between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with help of a Publish Sync app. But this is not enough for keeping track of the flow and reply within fair time.

Here are some tools that I am using and testing for improved collaboration. The feeling of schizophrenia and that I have to clone myself by dividing time  between LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Klout and now also Empire Avenue is something which have occupied my creative mind for a while.

I want to be a part of proactive discussions between the social media experts.

It’s also very important to know the customers needs for using Social media. There can be new opportunities but only if we communicate the benefits and provide with some good examples about how to work with at least the three most common tools as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at the same time.

Yoono a quick overview of a tool which is very easy to start using…

yoono social media all in one

Hootsuite is an excellent tool with several options for analyze and control. You can add apps. for following your top contributors etc. and create reports.

hootsuite social media all in one

Recommend you to read the blog post about creativity and Empire Avenue


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