Creativity Social Media and Empire Avenue

I joined Empire Avenue yesterday and have spent some hours to test how it works.

The purpose is to increase your network by buying and sell shares in people based on their interest and presence in social media. There is a chat and you can easily recommend and endorse people etc.

But the best is it has almost all of the common social media tools as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and they are reachable while networking.

My approach was to use intuition and creativity instead of thinking, reading and searching for how to do. This have paid off and I am honored to be listed on the EAv Hot Stocks for 12-27-11! Check it out:

Thanks to all my investors!



25 thoughts on “Creativity Social Media and Empire Avenue

    • Thanks Mandy! Hope to see you in EA also and even though I am a newbie it seems to pay off already at least in marketing opportunities by increasing my network. There are some very helpful people there and it reminds me about BNI and the “Givers Gain”.


    • Thanks! I have found a marketing opportunity, “I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happy with buns of cinnamon.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres ツ Tweeted by @AnnTran_ Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Daisy! I understand you and since this is one of mine and my customers first questions. How much time does it take to work with social media and where shall I start? That’s also why I just created a new blog post with two smart tools. Hootsuite is well known and recommended by Kim Garst and I can really agree. Read more.


    • Thanks Edmund! I know there are an incredible amount of tools with different quality and usefulness. I worked voluntary at IBM as an Early adopter and Innovation Catalyst to search for new tools and ideas, inform and educate my colleagues world wide how to use them and find sponsors. This is part of my business today and something I will focus on during next year. Read more.


  1. Congratulations on your Hot Stocks listing!!! I am still ‘playing’ and yet to really understand Empire Avenue, having said that though the small amount of time that I have spent on there I have connected with some great people and built those relationships on Twitter. Time is still my challenge… BUT I will overcome that mindset 🙂 Happy New Year!!


    • Thanks Deborah! I am really glad you have also noticed the high quality of contacts and my first thinking was that it was a funny game and I should spend half an hour or something like that. But then I noticed it was very serious people there who cared about building relationship and wanted to continue on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Happy 😀 New Year


    • Thanks Elise! It can be very time consuming since the game goes so fast and you can interact with a lot of interesting people there. Great start for networking. I wish you an Awesome 2012!


  2. Congrats on being listed on the EAv Hot Stocks for 12-27-11! I have heard great things about Empire Avenue, but time just doesn’t permit me to get involved in it. Good luck and Happy New Year, my friend!


    • Thanks Paul for your comment! I think you are working with something very inspiring and positive. A lot of tech people spend time to learn and create something and are seldom recognized so the more we can share the highlights and collaborate the better.


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