World Children’s Festival – Stimulating Creativity and Empathy

Collaborate with students in Sweden!

I search for students and schools with students approx. 13-14 years who wants to collaborate with students in Sweden on a Grouply forum. The forum is for stimulating the childrens creativity and empathy and was created as an activity for The World Children’s Festival in Washington DC 17-19:th of June.

As a representant for International Child Art Foundation in Sweden I want to get in contact with schools who would like to collaborate through the forum.

We are using Skype and virtual spaces might also be used for international and fun collaboration between the students. I have been working voluntary almost 2 years with lectures and workshops in creativity and social media.

Please contact me if you are interested and want to discuss how we can start up a creative exchange between the schools. All comments are appreciated.


20 thoughts on “World Children’s Festival – Stimulating Creativity and Empathy

    • Thanks Edmund! Yes and we have a responsibility for them and the coming generation which needs to be considered in our daily life and decisions. Why do I buy this, which impact has it on the environment..? Is there another and better way to do it with less impact on the environment? What can I do today to fulfill my needs which is good for me, you and the rest of the world?

      Some basic questions everybody can ask themselves every day which open up for a more creative thinking and actions. It’s very powerful since some of the questions can change your mind set, beliefs and with help of our thoughts and feelings we can go to the bottom and find new solutions.

      We stop often on the first answere we get instead of digging deeper until we come to the root of our true selves and real essence of life. Life transformation processes are not an easy road but as I see there are no options since if we are not starting with changing ourselves there will be no change.


  1. My daughter has been in exchange programs since middle school. She is now 23 and studying on scholarship in Germany. I cannot think of one thing that has influenced her life choices more than exposure to other cultures and languages. Good work!


    • Thanks Norma!
      It’s the best I have ever done during my whole working life and it is work with purpose. I chose now to collaborate with customers who have visions and values and it feels so great.


  2. Thanks for doing such a great job Creman. It is amazing opportunity for children to exchange ideas and work together today. Without creativity and collaboration there is no evolution…


    • Thanks Susan! Yes it is and I want contact with interested teachers and principals from schools in other countries and appreciate any ideas and tips. I am currently creating a project description for my Rotary Club to get some more help.


    • Thanks Marie! I appreciate your encouragement and will do my best to spread an awareness to as many people as possible to join. It takes time and courage to change peoples mindset from Like something to Act. This is what I work on in every network I am a member of. To go from Like and talk to Act since this is the only way to make a change in the world.


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