Creative Collaboration and Contribution

I have recently joined a social media Facebook group created by Kim Garst which is absolutely amazing. All members are so helpful and encourage each other in an outstanding way.

The atmosphere and attitude among the members reminds me about givers gain as BNI (Business Network International) and service above self as Rotary. I know most of them are extremely occupied but they spend several hours for helping and supporting each other.

When working with social media there is always something new to learn and you have to be very open minded for getting new impressions and adopt new tools. It’s therefore important to be creative and search for optimal solutions and contribute with your knowledge.

This group of people was exactly what I have been searching for since I left IBM and re-launched my company. We cover several branches and a lot of countries which gives our team a unique strength to come up with the best creative solutions for our customers.

What is so fantastic is that everybody care about values, environment and creation of a sustainable society. There are some outstanding coaches and relationship builders and business people with several years experiences.

I was creating this posting yesterday and didn’t finish it, but when starting up today there was something new in Google+ from a former colleague I wanted to share. Luis Suarez mentioned IBM and Twitter collaboration which is interesting for me as a former IBM employee and IBM Business Partner.




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