Are social values and social media related?

Social values are seldom discussed in social media but I think it’s one of the most important questions to ask for being successful. There is an awakening ongoing but I think we can achieve much more if we focus on our thoughts and feelings related to social values.

This is personal and it can take some time to open our minds to something we normally only share with close friends and family. I don’t say we have to be to open about our private life but we can use our own experiences and values as a source and trigger to increase our authenticity and presence to get result.

Think of the difference between a person who follow her dream working with passion and someone who are just doing her job. I am participating in several groups on LinkedIn and joined recently an amazing Facebook group which has blown me of completely. Wow! There are so many wonderful people who share their experiences and encourage each other with passion to work in social media.

Social values makes the whole difference and another group I adore is Spring Magic Life Society – Love Wisdom Happiness where people discuss life with a purpose and everything else to inspire each other.

One of my biggest challenges are how to get paid for a creative work with the elderly and children without being to involved in the health care or school system. I want to continue to be free and search for new ways since working with creativity and passion is essential for me without any boundaries.

To work with creativity and social media is so amazing and one of this years highlights was when four students and two teachers traveled with me to US, Washington DC and participated on the World Children’s Festival in June. I am now Sweden’s representative for International Child Art Foundation and prepare for the coming festivals and spread our work starting with Rotary.

If you want to know more connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+LinkedIn or Skype at “creman4u”.


20 thoughts on “Are social values and social media related?

  1. Social values is an interesting and complex topic. The door is now wide open for everyone to communicate with each other. People are diving in and discussing everything from their personal life to the most insignificant thing. I think its a good thing but I’ve seen social media used as a tool for abuse. Kids are my major concern & I’ve witnessed social values being thrown away when an kid is being bullied online. I know this is one simple example but it’s amazing how technology seems to have created a tool that gives some kids the supposedly right to leave their social values behind and abuse someone. Food for thought?


    • Thanks for a valuable comment! We have a free choice and it’s important to use social media with responsibility. I use to think that my presence in social media should be with something which is good for me for you and hopefully contribute to the whole.


  2. Working with creativity and passion is a must to living the life we were all meant to live. Congrats on being Sweden’s representative for the International Child Art Foundation. Continue the good work. =)


  3. Finally someone who understands what social media is for and how to use it properly. Thank you for stepping up and sharing with the world. Much success to you in your endeavor of educating the world about the things that are important to you and social media.


    • Thanks Lauryn! So true and there is no point without doing it. I believe this is one of the most important parts for being successful in life. You might not get the money you want and have to work too much but you do it with passion knowing that it comes from within and there is no surface between. I like your articles very much and recommend this about eBook writing 😀


    • Thanks Ronae! You have an amazing background and experience and I am impressed of how you are sharing and working with it now for helping others. It’s encouraging people as you with their own stories who keep me on going.


    • Thanks Lorii! I am so glad to see how you are helping others to find Love. For me it has been a true relief to finally find it within myself. I have a wonderful woman to and love her so much!


    • Thanks Lisa! I really like your stress approach and think it’s so important especially when you have passion for something. I am working for balance in life and now how difficult it can be sometimes.


  4. Christer, it’s so great to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. This comment exchange is already an example of how amazing the YCD Facebook group has been! =) There’s a contagiousness about thee energy in the group. I guess this is why social media is all about being truly social. =)


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